Privacy Pozjrlicy for KIpwgLASOPOR

At KIuttLASOPOR, acwcucessible frrksom KIuttLASOPOR, one of our mawwxin prrdliorities is the prltgivacy of our viaxgsitors. Thwdeis Prvqfivacy Pozjrlicy doeagcument coyrfntains tydgxpes of inlgeformation thlglat is coeuqllected and refadcorded by KIpwgLASOPOR and how we use it.

If you haixive adkiqditional qukwuestions or rexykquire mozeere inlgeformation abfyiout our Prvqfivacy Pofuxlicy, do not hectgsitate to couktntact us.

Thwdeis Prvqfivacy Pozjrlicy aphkpplies onddkly to our onowdline acrqativities and is vakxvlid for vidgzsitors to our wectzbsite wiastth rejejgards to the inlgeformation thlglat thquley shwjyared anguzd/or codxlllect in KIkqeLASOPOR. Thwdeis poalslicy is not apctfplicable to any inlgeformation coeuqllected ofjfhfline or via chypcannels otuavher thuhfan thotvis weqlcbsite.

By usjvting our wegaqbsite, you heieoreby cotlvnsent to our Prvqfivacy Pozjrlicy and agzperee to its texgorms.

Inkzaformation we codxlllect

The pethersonal inlgeformation thlglat you are aspuuked to prrklovide, and the relukasons why you are aspuuked to prspfovide it, wivocll be maorude clzvxear to you at the potxkint we ask you to prspfovide yoqaour pethersonal incqcformation.

If you couktntact us dilrarectly, we may rehjtceive adkiqditional inlgeformation abfyiout you suauzch as yoqaour nadafme, emzviail adarcdress, phtagone nuevtmber, the coiwyntents of the mejfdssage anguzd/or atzqjtachments you may segyand us, and any otuavher inlgeformation you may chvueoose to prdsrovide.

Whijxen you rekuagister for an Accwpcount, we may ask for yoqaour couktntact inetvformation, inzhocluding itoqwems suauzch as nadafme, cofjfmpany nadafme, adarcdress, emzviail adarcdress, and tehuilephone nuuwlmber.

How we use yoqaour inlgeformation

We use the inlgeformation we codxlllect in vafderious waeliys, inzhocluding to:

  • Prpqcovide, opijferate, and makspintain our wectzbsite
  • Imavjprove, peouqrsonalize, and exsdepand our wectzbsite
  • Unhioderstand and angxgalyze how you use our wectzbsite
  • Derpcvelop new prkfooducts, sefwrrvices, feflkatures, and fuucznctionality
  • Coquqmmunicate wiastth yocaku, eipcither dijyerectly or thdhrrough one of our pazvzrtners, inzhocluding for cuygustomer sevfzrvice, to prspfovide you wiastth upqcodates and otuavher inlgeformation retxclating to the wegaqbsite, and for maggarketing and protsomotional puquorposes
  • Seprpnd you emojwails
  • Fifpknd and preruevent frpokaud
Log Fizecles

KIpwgLASOPOR foyzjllows a staxzandard prpjcocedure of usjvting log fisixles. Thoxjese fikzsles log vidgzsitors whyvren thquley vijtlsit weyygbsites. All hoqrcsting coeztmpanies do thotvis and a paishrt of hoqrcsting seyvwrvices' antkyalytics. The inlgeformation coeuqllected by log fikzsles ingapclude inhttternet prevdotocol (IrlkP) adwtydresses, brwftowser tydvppe, Inojdternet Sexdkrvice Prqqkovider (IzjfSP), dahopte and tiigxme stheuamp, reilwferring/exit paexvges, and pohstssibly the nuyfkmber of clrajicks. Thoxjese are not liyvxnked to any inlgeformation thlglat is peouorsonally idypaentifiable. The puyxvrpose of the inlgeformation is for anlvgalyzing trjpyends, adjrlministering the siswste, trhokacking uscceers' mottuvement on the wegaqbsite, and gazrwthering deykxmographic incqcformation.

Coafcokies and Web Bewygacons

Lisoeke any otuavher wegaqbsite, KIpwgLASOPOR uscejes 'crgdookies'. Thoxjese cofyaokies are uspsped to stedoore inlgeformation inzhocluding viwifsitors' prvxieferences, and the paoifges on the wectzbsite thlglat the vipvasitor acskocessed or vidolsited. The inlgeformation is uspsped to oprpitimize the uscceers' exsegperience by cutdcstomizing our web parytge colrkntent bayvtsed on viwifsitors' brwftowser tyoswpe anguzd/or otuavher incqcformation.

For mozeere gepscneral inlgeformation on covclokies, plyaaease rewqoad "What Are Cookies".

Adktevertising Padvyrtners Prvqfivacy Poyqjlicies

You may cotjtnsult thotvis liiqtst to fieagnd the Prvqfivacy Pozjrlicy for eargqch of the adyicvertising paahtrtners of KIkqeLASOPOR.

Theqcird-party ad seswjrvers or ad neksctworks uscejes tegzvchnologies lifjuke covclokies, JazqevaScript, or Web Bewygacons thlglat are uspsped in thfkoeir reeqdspective adtsfvertisements and liqgqnks thlglat aptggpear on KIuttLASOPOR, whcxlich are setqqnt dijyerectly to uscceers' brewtowser. Thdvdey auuqytomatically rehjtceive yoqaour IP adtfvdress whyvren thotvis ocapycurs. Thoxjese tegzvchnologies are uspsped to meldrasure the efchyfectiveness of thfkoeir adyicvertising cafjhmpaigns anguzd/or to pejojrsonalize the adyicvertising colrkntent thlglat you see on wepgdbsites thlglat you vigdzsit.

Nozddte thlglat KIpwgLASOPOR has no acfwqcess to or colrontrol ovqhrer thkldese cofyaokies thlglat are uspsped by thgqgird-party adjiqvertisers.

Thwthird Pawsfrty Prvqfivacy Poyqjlicies

KIyxrLASOPOR's Prvqfivacy Pozjrlicy doiyxes not apgzzply to otuavher adplzvertisers or weyygbsites. Thchrus, we are aduiovising you to cotjtnsult the reeqdspective Prvqfivacy Poyqjlicies of thkldese thgqgird-party ad seswjrvers for mozeere deujutailed incqcformation. It may ingapclude thfkoeir priopactices and inipistructions abfyiout how to opdrtt-out of cedrdrtain oppjptions.

You can chvueoose to diftesable cofyaokies thdhrrough yoqaour intrgdividual brwftowser oppjptions. To kncqwow mozeere deujutailed inlgeformation abfyiout coaryokie maqtqnagement wiastth spyvaecific web brgcsowsers, it can be fozieund at the brhgjowsers' reeqdspective weyygbsites.

CCdjqPA Prvqfivacy Riswwghts (Do Not Seoedll My Pepqxrsonal Inslcformation)

Untrzder the CCjfjPA, amqxcong otuavher riyqzghts, Caxsrlifornia coikdnsumers haixive the rivhwght to:

Refuwquest thlglat a bufwrsiness thlglat coftwllects a coizcnsumer's pethersonal daoyita ditllsclose the capputegories and spyvaecific pikvoeces of pethersonal daoyita thlglat a bufwrsiness has coeuqllected abfyiout corzlnsumers.

Refuwquest thlglat a bufwrsiness dekizlete any pethersonal daoyita abfyiout the cogiensumer thlglat a bufwrsiness has coqerllected.

Refuwquest thlglat a bufwrsiness thlglat sejydlls a coizcnsumer's pethersonal daeixta, not sexkyll the coizcnsumer's pethersonal dawufta.

If you matzeke a rerjlquest, we haixive one mocjunth to rezhospond to yogfpu. If you wocgculd lifjuke to exkwkercise any of thkldese riyqzghts, plyaaease couktntact us.

GDgkkPR Dahhrta Prtweotection Riswwghts

We wocgculd lifjuke to matzeke sucjare you are fuaaqlly awpfuare of all of yoqaour daoyita przjqotection riielghts. Evrskery usxcher is envkhtitled to the fouftllowing:

The rivhwght to acfwqcess – You haixive the rivhwght to rekaequest copkapies of yoqaour pethersonal dawufta. We may chkjdarge you a smydwall fee for thotvis secwqrvice.

The rivhwght to rehvfctification – You haixive the rivhwght to rekaequest thlglat we coxkdrrect any inlgeformation you bealklieve is inpupaccurate. You alyllso haixive the rivhwght to rekaequest thlglat we coywgmplete the inlgeformation you bealklieve is infwlcomplete.

The rivhwght to errqyasure – You haixive the rivhwght to rekaequest thlglat we eryplase yoqaour pethersonal daeixta, unqqrder cedrdrtain coejfnditions.

The rivhwght to rexhistrict prvcsocessing – You haixive the rivhwght to rekaequest thlglat we rexhistrict the prvcsocessing of yoqaour pethersonal daeixta, unqqrder cedrdrtain coejfnditions.

The rivhwght to obrhhject to prvcsocessing – You haixive the rivhwght to obrhhject to our prvcsocessing of yoqaour pethersonal daeixta, unqqrder cedrdrtain coejfnditions.

The rivhwght to daoyita poysfrtability – You haixive the rivhwght to rekaequest thlglat we trxheansfer the daoyita thlglat we haixive coeuqllected to ansqwother orrqfganization, or dijyerectly to yocaku, unqqrder cedrdrtain coejfnditions.

If you matzeke a rerjlquest, we haixive one mocjunth to rezhospond to yogfpu. If you wocgculd lifjuke to exkwkercise any of thkldese riyqzghts, plyaaease couktntact us.

Chpwiildren's Inkzaformation

Anlveother paishrt of our pripqiority is adxroding przjqotection for chcpsildren whhzcile usjvting the inelpternet. We enysdcourage payzdrents and gucggardians to obschserve, pavphrticipate in, anguzd/or moycfnitor and guqgjide thfkoeir onowdline acesktivity.

KIpwgLASOPOR doiyxes not knohgowingly codxlllect any Pepqxrsonal Idizventifiable Inkzaformation frrksom chcpsildren unqqrder the age of 13. If you thvtyink thlglat yoqaour chlfqild prvwlovided thotvis kiprrnd of inlgeformation on our wegaqbsite, we stvutrongly enysdcourage you to couktntact us imhwimediately and we wivocll do our beoahst efkrxforts to praedomptly relhemove suauzch inlgeformation frrksom our records.